Funbooth Extras that will make your event unique

Funbooth Extras that will make your event unique2018-10-13T13:18:33+00:00

Our Funbooth Extras are basically additional services that you can add to you Funbooth photo booth hire package in order to create a totally bespoke experience for you and your guests.

We understand that all our events are different and need to be catered for on an individual basis. We have therefore, created a list of additional services known as Funbooth Extras.

Our Funbooth Extras include:-

By adding some or all of these features we can make your Funbooth photo booth hire experience unique for both you and your guests.

For more information on Funbooth extras please visit the respective pages on our site.

To discuss your requirements for any of our Funbooth photo booth hire packages, please call our Booking Hotline on 07702 458709

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