School Prom Photo Booth Hire

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A Funbooth School Prom photo booth hire package provides entertainment for your guests and gives them a memorable, keepsake of your special event.

School proms have become more sophisticated over the last few years. We have seen a rise in popularity of our School Prom photo booth hire package. It is after all, great fun and entertaining for all ages.

For school proms we can customise the prints to include school colours, logos and personalised messages. We are also able to offer custom backgrounds to our images which gives your guests a completely branded keepsake of your schools event.

But there’s more!

We understand that guests at these types of events want pictures with all their friends (not just one or two friends, but almost the whole class!) We have developed the ideal booth for this type of event. Our Marquee booth is larger than our other booths it also has soft walls to allow a bit more flexibility so its possible to cram in even more guests at one time.

See what else we can do to make your Funbooth experience unique!

And that’s not all…

We will also present the organiser with ALL the pictures on a USB thumb drive or a secure Dropbox that you may use as required for advertising, website updates and blogs. The Funbooth team will also offer the option to put the pictures up on our Facebook fan pageThis means the pictures can be shared, liked, commented on and downloaded at no extra charge.

And there’s even more!!!

So if your organising an school prom and want to provide your guest with a memento that will make them smile every time they see it, book your school prom photo booth hire package today!

We provide event entertainment for a variety of event types. For more information on how we can help with your event use these links for Wedding Photo Booth hire, birthday party photo booth hire or Christmas party photo booth hire. If you want to just jump straight in, you could always visit our photo booth booking enquiry page and get a quote.

We promise we will do everything we can to ensure your guests have fun in our photo booths at your event.

To discuss your requirements and our School Prom photo booth hire packages further, please call our Booking Hotline on 07702458709

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